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At Pure Skin Laser & Aesthetics, we believe skin should be one of your top priorities. Our Dermalogica® skin care products are formulated according to everyone's unique skin and have been developed to provide the appropriate care for your individual skin conditions, ensuring the use of only the most potent and pure ingredients. Opthalmologically and dermalogically tested, they are non-comedogenic, and free of artificial fragrances and animal testing. Dermalogica® treatments are based on the purest natural botanicals and are centered on the belief that health and energy give true beauty to the body. Including packaging that is either fully recyclable or biodegradable, Dermalogica® products take a step towards healthier and more radiant skin.

Experience the gentle revival, repair, balance and enlivened effects, which can be purchased at Pure Skin Laser & Aesthetics, and take the step towards healthier and more radiant skin!

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