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Acne Treatment: The doctor's diagnosis

"Acne cures itself as time passes by." This is one of the biggest myths that lead to the deepening development of its severity. Now, don't worry now. You are not too late. The general diagnosis for acne is discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.


Before we start the treatment, the first step is to find the level of acne severity by examining your skin. 1 is mild acne and 4 is severe acne. After examining the severity, the identification for the type of acne is performed. These are classified into three types mostly, namely, comedonal acne (mild), inflammatory acne (level 3) and the severe form, known by the name, cystic acne.


The treatment for any kind of acne can be classified again into three types, namely, medications applied to the face, medications applied to the body and laser treatment. Though medications work, in most cases, they may have some side effects. The best treatment to cure acne would be the laser treatment.


Coming to the laser treatment procedures, the two main procedures which are frequently used briefly. The first one is called as ablative laser treatment in which lasers are used to remove a meager skin around the infected area to engender a fresh layer. The second method is non-ablative laser treatment where lasers simulate the growth of a protein generated in the skin (collagen) which repairs some damage caused by the scars and acne.


The treatment method would generally be selected by your preferred dermatologist who performs all the examinations shown above in order to treat acne.

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